5 Free Productivity Apps for your busy lifestyle

When your plate is maxed to overflowing with Todo’s and endless emails, paper checklists just won’t cut it. I have tried my fair share of Productivity Apps on my iPhone and these 5 are so far my favorite.  Best of all, they are free.

5 Free Productivity Apps

  • Wunderlist: This is a really nice free app to help you stay organized. You can create Task Categories that can be used as Projects and create tasks underneath it with sub tasks. You can set reminders, add comments and more. It has a very simple and easy to use interface.
  • Weave: Weave is a cool free app by Intuit. It has some really powerful features and is simple to use. With it you can set up projects and add tasks for your project. You can track spending or revenue generated by the tasks as well as the length of time it took you to complete that task. You can collaborate with others, assign them tasks and more. It is truly feature packed for a free app.
  • Evernote: I love the flexibility of this app. I can create todo lists, notes, save pictures and synch up across all my devices. It is very helpful in taking notes and capturing your ideas. You can even track your tasks with it. Personally I use it for notes and my other apps for tasks.
  • Mailbox: This app helps me breathe a little easier. I am still far from catching up with my email backlog but now I have a method to it. I swipe to the right and it goes to my archive. To the left and I can move the item to later today or some other time. It is really helpful with managing email and it is FREE! I like free.
  • SimpleMind: If our brain is half as chaotic as mind, you will benefit from this mind mapping app. I find this quite helpful when thinking through and idea or a concept.

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