GET YOUR SHOW ON THE ROAD#3: Your 9 Must-Have Website Design Features

Photo by Mark Oberlin
Photo by Mark Oberlin

With the constant evolution of the digital experience, there are cool new features that come out every day. Here are 9 must-haves for your website design.

Your 9 Must-Have Website Design Features

  1. Follow Me: This feature connects your potential or existing customers to you through your relevant social media footprints such as your Facebook fan page, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile etc .
  2. Share Links: Give your site visitor an easy way to spread the word
  3. Contact us form: If someone wants to reach you, there should be a mechanism on your site for them to do so.
  4. Subscription form: This gives your site visitors an opportunity to stay updated on your product/services.
  5. Call to Action: What do you want your site visitor to do? Have a call to action
  6. Content Search: Your site visitors should be able to find content from a search feature on your site.
  7. XML Sitemap: You want to improve your search engine hit rate and an XML Sitemap can help a great deal with that
  8. Performance Metrics: Have an analytics tool such as Google Analytics to help you measure how well your site is doing
  9. SEO Tools: Get tools to help you optimize your site content


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