Understanding who I am and what I do depends on who you ask. I am many things to different people and constantly seek to do my best to inspire, motivate and help others in all walks of life. I am an Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and Coach, Motivational Speaker, Unsophisticated Investor, Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter and so much more. 

My interests vary and have led me down many paths helping me become a multi-dimensional individual who cannot be defined by just one thing. The common denominator is I live life on my terms bulldozing through challenges and conquering obstacles with stilettos, laptop, notepad, and pen. 

I have been in the trenches and have the scars and victories to show for it. From leading technology projects and teams at fortune 500 companies to building my own ventures from the ground up. Now I help businesses get to their objectives quicker, effectively and efficiently. 

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