5 Tips for improved Productivity

It can be discouraging when you know what you want but you find that the path forward is a windy road. Here are 5 productivity tips you should consider trying out.

My 5 Productivity Tips

  • Tip#1 – Keep your focus small: When you have S.M.A.R.T goals set, then take a deeper dive and create milestones. Pick no more than 3 milestones from your list to focus on at any one time. If you try to tackle too many things at the same time, you might not complete any of them. You will have to prioritize.
  • Tip#2 – Commit to recurring daily tasks: Identify 1 or 2 recurring tasks relating to your goals and make them part of your daily routine. Do not be overly ambitious. Keep them simple and realistic. These tasks should be your baseline tasks that you MUST try to do no matter what. Any other task will be secondary to these with a few exceptions.
  • Tip#3 – Continuous Improvement: As you master your recurring tasks and stay consistent you can start growing them into bigger tasks. So for example, if your recurring task was to do a basic fitness training for half an hour each morning, you can slowly move to the advanced training within that same timeframe etc.
  • Tip#4 – Use a daily task checklist: Your recurring tasks are your baseline and there will be other tasks that come up that you have to track. So keep a daily checklist to keep you focused.
  • Tip#5 – Don’t throw in the towel: Focus on consistently delivering on the recurring tasks you have picked. As long as they inch you closer to your goal, you will sooner than later find yourself at your goal post. Push yourself  and read your goals out loud to remind yourself of  why you need to do those tasks especially when they become inconvenient.

Setting daily recurring baseline tasks and consistently completing them will increase your productivity. Instead of focusing on your setbacks, focus only on your tasks. For example, if you want to close 1 sale a month, then you can set your daily recurring task to reach out to at least 4 potential customers regardless of the outcome. You will follow through with this and improve on the exercise each day. Even if you get rejection, don’t stop. Just continue checking these tasks off your list daily. Sooner than later, you will see results.

So don’t try to ‘boil the ocean’, instead tackle your goal by breaking it out into milestones and then focus on the tasks that you can control to get you there. Use recurring tasks to keep you on track and most importantly maintain the descipline and commitment to continue even when it is most difficult to do so. Always remember that having talent isn’t a guarantee for success but being consistent with completing your tasks and continuously improving yourself in the process will give you a much better chance of getting to the finish line.

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