Be Unapologetically Confident

Walk into a room with your head held high, confident as a cat; the Lioness kind! Do not allow yourself much room to dwell on what others might think or linger even for one minute on self doubt. Simply refuse to be easily forgotten!

Confidence is self assurance. You don’t have to feel it to exude it. You simply have to stubbornly refuse to cower or shrink. Value your contribution no matter how small. Most importantly, value yourself.

Below are some tips to boost your confidence

  • Take Action: In order to trust yourself more, to believe in your ability to deliver, you have to constantly take action on your goals and tasks no matter how small. Your accomplishments will build your confidence in yourself.
  • Speak Up but Listen More: Be tactfully engaged and contribute positively. However allow others to express themselves comfortably and listen genuinely.
  • Be generous with your smiles and compliments: They are free. Give them away generously.
  • Maintain a positive tone of voice: Keep your voice positive, alive and energetic. Don’t draw focus to your weaknesses. Acknowledge them, own them but focus on your strengths.
  • Stand Tall: Don’t slouch. Hold your head up and strut into a room with the certainty that you belong there regardless of what anyone else thinks.
  • Work Out: When you are taking care of your body and valuing you, your confidence meter heats up for the better.
  • Be fashionably fabulous: Take your look seriously. From your manicure to your underwear. Dress your body well and don’t be too shy to throw in a dose of glam for good measure with a feel good luxury item.
  • Walk on Stilettos: This one works for me and instantly gives me a boost each time.
  • Know your Worth: We often short change ourselves sometimes out of modesty and other times out of just not knowing how to value ourselves. You know what you are capable of so don’t be shy about it.
  • Project it: Don’t wait until you ‘feel’ confident. The more you project confidence, even when you don’t feel like it inside, the more you will get to feel confident.
  • Use Music: Find some music that gets you in the zone. If you are about to encounter a situation that makes you feel unsure of yourself, pump yourself up with some music.
  • Give yourself a Pep talk: Look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself energetic praise. Tell yourself how awesome you are and how confident you are. Do this daily.
  • Demand Respect: Do not allow any one, whether it is at work, at home etc be disrespectful of you. Demand your respect and have expectations of how you want to be treated.

While people’s titles or financial standing or any number of factors might be intimidating, always remember that they too are just navigating life. Don’t give them too much responsibility in how your day or your future will go. We all have different roles that we play wherever we are or wherever we go but our roles do not make us less equal to any other person. Remember that you too have a lot to offer and it is okay if you make a mistake or two.

Do not beat yourself up mentally or let others define you. Bury your mistakes or missteps with the past and walk into a room reminding yourself that regardless of what you need from the people in it, they are just people. They are all entitled to their opinions and their perception of you or their perception of a situation you are involved (right or wrong). Their opinions should not define you so stop asking for permission from them, to be you. Just BE unapologetic-ally you in all your glory like a rose in full bloom and present yourself with the certainty that you are capable of delivering the ‘goods’ if given the chance!


  1. Well written and this should be the “today’s modern woman’s” bible for confidence!

  2. Fisayo

    Oh my, this is such an amazing write-up! I will be sure to refer to it whenever I need an extra dose of pick-me-up

    1. belleniba

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Thank you for stopping by.

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