Laptop Frenzy – Starting the hunt

Today is one of those days I have gotten really irritated navigating my MacBook Pro. I have tried desperately to fall in love with it … I can’t even remember when I got it but I’m certain it is about 3-4 years old?

Anyway, I was talked into MacBook by my husband when he was still high on the Apple  juice (that’s before Steve Jobs kicked the bucket and some of the rigmarole with maps). He’s slowly easing back to the real world where technology doesn’t have to be so costly (although I give the Mac Pros a thumbs up for design).

Okay back to my troubles. I had wanted this mini 13″ laptop and I allowed myself to be talked into getting a Mac. Now I have come to the conclusion that the Mac bug never won me over. I did go Mac on my smartphone though and my phone and I are still tight but MacBook Pro isn’t much of a friend right now. I never got the hang of the menus, the icons, the navigation … the set up period!

So with all that off my chest, I am tempted to either cheat on my MacBook Pro or get rid of it altogether. Over the years I have tried Dell (Big disappointments there. I think I went through 4 or 5 of them and spent a fortune on the XPS hoping all will be well but that all ended in tragedy so no Dell for me). I have also tried Lenovo and it proved to be the best and cheapest although its charger kept running out of steam.

So with these 3 brands, I am tempted to run back to the devil I could tolerate which is Lenovo and try to rekindle some of the many good times we had shared. My sleeves are rolled up and ready to get this search going because MacBook Pro is driving me nuts.

Forgive me Mac Fans.

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