Finding my voice

Finally I get to start my blog. Whew!

I should have done this a while back but that shouldn’t count now should it? Important thing is that I am doing it now.

It is almost midnight and I can’t believe where the time went. My list of todos is long and it seems I barely scraped the surface and yet it is days end. Well it’s about time I retire for the night. There is nothing on television except some reruns of movies I have already seen and with my laptop in front of me, my brain will simple never go to rest.

I have spent some time agonizing over whether to share my blog or not. Funny that I will agonize when I have barely written anything in it. I am almost more nervous than the 2 minutes before any of my speeches when my ab muscles knot up and I feel the panic rising slowly but surely. That is the exact point when my pre-speech anxiety grows to its peak and yet somehow quiets down as time quickly reduces to that 30th second when actual delivery is inevitable; that point when the person dropping the intro finally manages to pronounce my name or some version of it and there is no escape. I feel all of that now. But this should be just a blog right? Me hiding behind this screen and you over there reading? Except what I write comes from the heart as usual and isn’t just some disconnected, distant perspective. All the same blogging seems like sharing a piece of you with the world and taking that step is no easy task but one I will take all the same. It is my hope that through this blog, you will connect with me and stay connected!!!

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