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"Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today" - Tim Fargo


I'm Belle Niba

I’m an Entrepreneur and passionate self proclaimed Unsophisticated Investor™ who has managed to follow some simple principles to beat the markets each year for the past 5 years since I started investing.

I am not a guru. I do not have Wallstreet friends giving me inside tips. Far from it. I started my investment journey very much like you are now. Uncertain and overwhelmed with all the information that was available. Good information yes, but when you are not savvy about these things it can feel like trying to drink water from a firehose.

Things like candlesticks, deltas, gammas, earnings statements etc … gave me a headache. I needed things to be much simpler as a newbie so I figured out a way to keep it simple … and each year my portfolio has thanked me for it. This bootcamp is what I wish I had when I started. I’ll show you …

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How I Got Here ...

After reading books like Richest Man in Babylon (one of my favorite books to date) and Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki, I could not help but agree that I needed to not only have multiple streams of income but put my money to work for me. 

Armed with information and motivation, I was ready to put my money to work through investments.

There was just one problem. I wasn’t sure where to begin. I had narrowed my investment options to Real Estate or Stocks. I decided the stock market had a lower barrier to entry and would require less effort and capital on my part to get started. So I embarked on learning as much as I could. However, even after reading lots of different material, I still wasn’t sure how to go about it as a beginner.  

I had to piece things together bit by bit. Don’t get me wrong. The information was out there, I needed it distilled a little bit more. I didn’t know what I didn’t know and the pieces just seemed too many for the novice that I was. 

The big question I had was “How do I know what stock to buy?“. I wanted a simple approach to identifying stocks but wasn’t sure where to look. I googled and searched long and hard. Sometimes the answers were right in front of me but I didn’t even know it. The stock market didn’t always agree on what stocks were a good buy. One day they could be saying ‘buy, buy, buy’ and the next it was ‘sell, sell, sell’ … I found that to be quite unhelpful.

As I continued my quest, feeling discouraged and overwhelmed by all the information available, I had a ‘breakthrough’. One fine day, a dear friend of mine on Facebook passionately encouraged me and pretty much all his friends to jump on an IPO. He warned us not to miss out on that boat. At first, I ignored his warning but something inside of me cautioned me not to become one of those people who hesitate when opportunity knocks and then miss out. 

So I decided to check out the company he was recommending. I tried to do my due diligence – I pulled up information on the company, went to their website and read about who they were, went to google and pulled up as many articles as I could find on them. There was a lot of media hype around this company. After some time, I came to the realization that my level of uncertainty had not improved😕. It wasn’t that there wasn’t information, the issue I had was that I just wasn’t sure what the information was telling me.  

I finally decided to take the plunge – if so many people were saying it was a good buy, who was a novice like me to disagree?

I decided to jump into the ring. I was tired of standing by the sidelines. I made the bet and bought the stock. Shortly after, buyer’s remorse kicked in. I questioned whether it was a smart buy or not. I didn’t know. I promised myself to sell the stock the first chance it grew in value. But then …. the stock price started dropping. First it was a small drop, then a big drop, then an even bigger drop 😲. My fears had just materialized. The stock went on a free fall of sorts. Halfway down, I bought some more. Digging in and hoping to improve my situation. Things did not get much better. Actually, they got worse 😩(Today that stock is at 8% of the value I bought it at. Yes, you read correctly, that is a 92% loss. Imagine that).

I was devastated 😭! I had fallen for one of the ‘deadly sins’ of investing. I had succumbed to hype and simply gambled with my hard earned money. After that fiasco, I almost gave up investing. My husband encouraged me to learn from the experience and make something out of it, and I did just that.

Phone with trades
Snapshop from march 2021

A few months later, when I had partially recovered from the emotional blow, I changed how I approached investing. I adopted principles and ignored all the hype. I was going to do this the patient way, the right way. I picked my mentors carefully and my portfolio thanked me for it.  

I put together my own investment rules … actually not really my own. I simply read advice from Warren Buffet and took some of his very simple advice to heart and my portfolio thanked me for it.

Little by little I grew my portfolio. My returns grew from single digits to double digits then triple digits. 

Funny thing is, my strategies are so simple, I assumed everyone already knew all this stuff. I didn’t think I was doing anything extraordinary and I still don’t think I am. 

Don’t get me wrong – not all my bets have been great. I have gotten greedy sometimes and gotten much deserved discipline from the market for it. I have noticed that almost every time I go against my own simple rules, I expose myself to losing bets. When I stick to my rules, I replicate success over and over again. 

A couple of years ago, I was asked by a friend to do a Workshop to help others to get started. This was after I helped her kick start her own winning portfolio. I did the workshop then and helped others to start their journey. Since then I have received many inquiries from people who just need a little help to get started. People who are where I was when I first got started.

I’ve decided to convert my Workshop into a 5 day action driven bootcamp. 

This is not for everybody. This bootcamp is only for those who are tired of making excuses, want to save time and believe that investing in knowledge is important. I’m talking about the #NoExcuses kind of people who know that not taking action will only delay their goals.

I am not a financial planner or a Wallstreet guru. Far from it. What I have figured out however, are simple strategies that have helped me gain traction in the stock market. It is my hope that with this bootcamp and your determination, I will be able to help you do that too.

So if you are serious about investing and just need some help in getting a jump on it, this bootcamp is for you. 

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don't just take my word for it ...

When you join this 5-Day Unsophisticated Investor™ Quick Start Bootcamp ...



Get your training emailed to you every single day for the 5 days. We will go over a key area with clear instructions included in a 45-60 minute video with clear examples. Each day’s training is followed by actionable next steps.

Iron sharpens iron!


We have accountability and support built right into the program to make sure that you get the nudge and motivation to stay on track. Questions will most likely come up. You will get access to my Private Unsophisticated Investor group where you will get the support you need on this journey.

real life examples

This is not one of those programs you sign up for then after its done you check out. I will share actual real life examples of my trades. This isn’t theory and fluff. You will be able to see examples of how I sometimes make 4 figure trades in a single day as well as learn from some of the mistakes I’ve made.

**TOTAL VALUE: $997 (Actually, it's a lot more)**


"Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today" - Tim Fargo

Here's A Preview ...

Day 1: Overview & Setup

We will talk about some of the basics that you might already know and some key things you may not yet be aware of.

Day 2: Passive Investing

Day 2 we will talk about how you can get into the game even when your schedule is tight. This is a key approach for new investors.

Day 3: Active Investing

Day 3 is about active trading. I will be sharing tips on how to decide on stocks to buy and how I evaluate securities for my portfolio.

Day 4: Getting Money Out With Options

Want to get money out in the short term? I'll share some strategies with real life examples of how you can get money out of the market.​

Day 5: Making Money When Price Drops

Day 5 we will take things a notch up and look at how to use Option Puts to get money out of the market when a stock drops in price.

Join Today For Only $47


The Bootcamp starts on Monday, April 5th. You will be emailed the training of the day by 9am (always at the same time each day to make it easier!) Monday through Friday. I understand you are busy so you can decide when you want to go through the training for the day. I have it structured such that it will take about an hour to complete each day.

As part of this bootcamp, you will have access to my private Facebook Group where you can get help as you go through the course action items.

Absolutely! You don’t need a lot of money to start investing. You can start with pennies even.

To get the most out of this course, I strongly recommend you carve out time to go through the course and complete the daily action. If you get stuck, put your questions in the group. I will be checking the group to address questions daily.

I can not legally tell you what stocks to buy. I will however share with you how I pick stocks to buy.

At the moment, the bootcamp is not on demand. All those who register for this round will start on the same day. 

If you have questions after the bootcamp, you can still post your questions in the Facebook Group and I’ll help you with the info you need.

Join Today For Only $47

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Start to grow your business with the best tips!

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Start to grow your business with the best tips!

Here is your chance to get access to my exclusive freebies!

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Join Amazing Entrepreneurs who

took the risk and succeeded!

Here is your chance to be part of the exclusive Freedom Empowerer Group!

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