My name is Belle and I’m so glad you’re here because that means you have an interest in getting ahead!

Whether you’re just thinking about going into business or looking for ways to become more financially independent, I hope you’ll find some value in the resources on this blog.

In the early 2000s, I launched my first business. It was in consulting. I was working on my MBA and could not shake the entrepreneur bug.

As my business grew, I struggled to juggle business operations with actually building a business but that did not stop me from expanding into a media a media business that was very dear to my heart. I grew quickly and achieved many success and recognition for the hard work I was putting into my businesses.

Belle Niba Interviewing Akon for African Vibes Magazine

As I grew, the demands on my business structure grew. I had not built my business to sustain the demands of the type of growth that was needed. The result? … I crashed and I burned! Yes, I am not afraid to admit it.

I fell flat on my face. Why? I had no idea I was doing anything wrong … or to rephrase, I was trying to follow the textbook road map to running a business but the path that was defined did not properly address the challenges of a solopreneur. Even the books I found on running small businesses did not get to the heart of pulling yourself up by the bootstraps.

I knew there had to be another way.

After reading my fair share of business and productivity books as well as tackling real world challenges in my business as well as my client’s businesses, I finally have developed my own little system. I believe that success leaves clues so when we find that there are certain actions that when executed can guarantee success, why not follow them? What is the point of reinventing the wheel when you can just follow in the footsteps of others who have already journeyed in a similar direction?

As a Solopreneur, I know the best gift you can give your business is structured automation. It is for that reason that I have put together some tools and workshops to help Solopreneurs get their businesses on track and position themselves for success.

What’s The Solopreneur Booster™ System?

The first step to getting ahead is to get your mindset right. Without the optimistic, can-do, make-something-happen attitude, it’s really difficult to find the positive energy required to build your business.

One thing I hear from my clients just starting out or solopreneurs who have actually achieved a healthy dose of success is that they feel overwhelmed and never have enough time to do anything outside of working in their business and not on their business.

Some who have been able to leave corporate jobs to focus on their business find themselves running around like headless chickens trying to make ends meet.

Why is that?6

Well there are many solopreneurs who in spite of their success or ambitions, are still stuck with a worker mindset and not a Boss mindset. And because they have done this for so long, they don’t know how to transition.

That is where my system comes in.

I provide what I call the Solopreneur Booster™ System. It is my 7 part process to help Entrepreneurs get their life back.

Whether you are just starting out or whether you are already established, I can help you organize your processes and compass so that you are more efficient and effective. You will be intentional in what you do because your actions will not be random, neither will your results.

You will feel relief, have more balance in your life and will quickly move from a worker to a BOSS. My Soloproneur booster will turn you into an Solopreneur Amplified™.

So, What Can I Expect To Learn Here?

My Blog and the Solopreneur Booster™ system will share not just the ideas, concepts, and theories, but the nuts and bolts and step-by-step tactics of HOW to actually boost your efforts — and grow your business. My system encompasses 7 different modules which can be independent of each other or subscribed to as a package.

That means:

  • Getting clear on what you want and why
  • Understanding your business and crafting a focused strategy
  • Auditing your business to see where your ‘time leaks’ are happening and where your setup is lacking
  • Guidance on how to Set up your online business the right way
  • Executing your strategy with tools and campaigns
  • Measure, Refine, Continue
  • Accountability and Growth Coaching

Through my own experiments and through case studies, I attempt to reverse engineer the successful strategies of running and growing a business using effective systems.

It takes real work, but it does work. People in this community just like you are making it happen.

But wait … what if I don’t yet have a business but I am thinking of starting one?

That is a good question. If you are thinking of a business or are just starting out, you can checkout my 4 Weeks To Building A Better Business Series. It is best to have your basic operations set up before you get buried in the demands and potential chaos of attempting to build a business. If you will like to become an entrepreneur but are not sure what to do next, then you can visit this list of 99 side hustle ideas or this list of 200+ ways to make money in your spare time, and pick ONE.

Now it is time to get serious about going into business.

So What’s Next?

You can check out my services for the one that you feel you need right now OR contact me to schedule a 15 minute consultation and we can assess where you are and what you will need. I look forward to hear from you.

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