Refuse the Bait

I’m back to reality after a very refreshing vacation where I had time to reflect, meditate and revive my commitment to continuous improvement. Now it’s back to reality and time to put all good intentions to practice.

Today I encountered one of many  challenges where my buttons were pressed and I had ample opportunity to go off on a tangent. I have to say I was particularly proud of myself for not taking the bait and instead staying focused on the desired outcome. It wasn’t easy but I did it yoohoo!!!!

I drew inspiration from Dr Jasmin Sculark‘s sermon on Giants and I recognized the giant in this situation and watched my giant weaken. I took back my power over the situation and loved it.

Lesson of the day – Know when your buttons are being pressed and instead of taking the bait and lashing out, take a deep breath and remain calm. Stay reasonable and respectful or excuse yourself and postpone the discussion to another time when you know you will be better prepared. People who throw jabs and low blows or those who are rude want a reaction from you. Understand that and do not fall prey to their toxic web of negativity.

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