My Reading List for February is all about Change and Worry

books-584I love to read but I get too impatient to finish any one book. At my home, my husband and I have a mini library we had started some years back amassing books that we believed to be timeless. I did throw into the mix, the occasional petty romance novel – what can I say … I’m a sucker for fairytales :). Anyway I’ve made a commitment that this year I will actually commit time each month to finish reading at least two of the books in our home library collection.

You are probably wondering what I read in January. Let’s just say I needed to momentarily escape into La-la land where all is perfect and dandy so I turned to my surprisingly enjoyable ¬†romance novel – Christmas at the Castle (Harlequin Romance).

February will be a bit different. I have a couple of books I am really excited about.

I am pumped and ready to dive in. Hope you can join me so we can discuss what we learned come March.


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