Happy New Year 2019

My dear friends, first of all I want to wish you a Happy 2019.

I know it was a silent year for me where I blogged very little. The year was a tough one and before it came to a close, there were many casualties. I lost my father in law and bid farewell to some friends and acquaintances 3 of which were in their early forties.

To say I was broken by these tragedies is putting it mildly. With each loss I had to sit and reflect and ask myself some very hard questions about my life and how I wanted my legacy to be. Most importantly, as a mother blessed with two lovely children, I had to confront some even tougher questions about the job I had done so far in preparing them for when I am no longer here.

But my year was not all about low and heartbreaking moments. It was also a year of growth in many areas. I learned so much about myself and grew in more ways than I could have imagined when the year started out.

So as we kick off yet another year, may we unapologetically seize the moment to grow into the people we know we can be. To be the best, most productive versions of ourselves. May this be the year we abandon our old mindsets and invest in new ones so we can grow into excellence.

Happy New Year my friends. Here is to a year of TRANSFORMATION!!!!

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