Devry University Generation WE Conference

I was invited to speak to young Southern California women at the Devry University Generation WE one day empowerment and educational summit. The topic I chose to focus on was the job market. It was an exciting talk with young women from diverse backgrounds. The turnout was wonderful. Below are key talking points I discussed with the audience, many of which were going to be the first to consider a higher education in their families. I was very proud of them.

Surviving a Tough Job Market … Online

  1. Update your resume – Sell more than just your skill set
  2. Create an online identity
  3. The social network as friend or foe
  4. Visit Job Boards often
  5. Get past rejection
  6. Identify Industries with opportunities
  7. Remain competitive – Learn relevant skills
  8. Bookmark relevant news sites
  9. The ‘A La Carte’ Approach
  10. Making sense of it all


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