4 weeks to building a better small business

February is going to be an exciting month for all of us. I will be doing a 4 part series starting Monday on step by step actionable posts to help you build your small business idea or re-evaluate your existing idea. This series will help you with clear steps you can take to get the ball rolling or to re-examine your current plan and make any necessary adjustments.

I’ve noticed recently from questions coming my way that a good number of entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs such as myself are in a bit of a slump with their business idea – lacking clear direction, structure and a good path forward. There are many books out there and even classes to help people who want to start a business but weeding through all that material can be overwhelming.

My goal this month is to give those interested in kicking off or improving their business venture the equivalent of a booster shot and hopefully get them on a path that will help set them up for success. I am going to turn up the ‘Business Startup’ volume and attempt to distill everything I know about how to make your venture better based on my experience, mistakes and knowledge I have picked up along the way.

Each post in this series will have actions I will like for you to take that week. I will love to read your feedback on your findings and I do welcome questions. I will do my best to either address your questions in the series or write to you directly.

Interested? If so let me know in comments below or use my contact form to email me some very specific challenges you want me to address this month as relates to you getting your business venture moving forward.

You can get engage in the following ways:

  • Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section
  • Ask a question you would like for me to address in this series
  • Share this series with a friend whose business might benefit from the information

Posts in this series:

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