2008 Global Leadership Peace Summit

Had a very insightful discussion with my Media Panelists, Elias Wondimu and Robert Sichinga on marketing 21st Century Africa  at the 2008 Global Leadership Peace Summit which took place in Los Angeles on September 27th.

The panelists made very many wonderful contributions to the conversation of marketing Africa. Robert made a very strong point that if an African poorly negotiated on behalf of his country or his people then shame on him because it is all about business and in business, everyone looks out for their interests. Elias focused on our generation being the bridge to future generations. He emphasized that this is our time and we have to pass on the batton. Dwayne Gathers who left immediately after the panel brought up the point that in his experience with the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation and as an international business development and government relations consultant who emphasises on US/Africa trade and investment his biggest issue is that Africans usually show up unprepared and come across as unprofessional. All points discussed were very important. Hopefully I will be able to get my hands on the panel video.

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